Collection: Agni Manitite

Astrology: Aries, Gemini
Solar Plexus
Protective - Spiritual Awakening - Transformation
x inches

Agni Manitite, “The Pearl of Divine Fire” is a rare tektite found in the Indonesian Archipelago. It has recently been discovered and many mysteries are surrounding it. It is considered a semi-precious stone. Agni manitite is a protective and grounding stone that creates a barrier around you to allow you to stride forward with confidence.

The energy of this tektite encourages spiritual awakening and transformation by exposing what needs to change — pushing you to pursue your optimum state.

Agni manitite is a stone of leadership. It encourages you to take charge in the extramarital area and in your life. Agni manitite raises your imaginations and daringness to new heights. It promotes social interaction, positivity, and inner power as well.