Collection: Spider Web Jasper

Astrology: Libra, Virgo
Nurturing - Grounding - Protective
 x  inches

Spider Web Jasper, also known as Net Jasper is nurturing stone whose energies are birthed from the womb of the Divine Feminine Aspect. It’s gentle vibration of love, soothes our nerves, mind and emotion all the way into the depths of one’s soul. It helps fostering nurturing energies and helps you find your way through life. 

Aside from its rejuvenating properties, Spiderweb Jasper is also a stone that will give you plenty of protective energies. It will help drive away evil, negativity, and bad vibrations. Spiderweb Jasper will bring you energies of relaxation and gentleness. It’s a stone that’s known to enhance your ability to slow down and relax.